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Love + Relating By Marshall Kane

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Have you ever resonated a wine glass with your wet or soapy finger or a singing bowl and tried to stop it then start to resound it again. Try it. That note is our purest sound when we are resonating. Sure love and things we love help catalyze that sound but like that resonating glass it’s almost impossible to instantly stop something immediately without clamor that has began resonating, much like you or me. It takes time. A pause in grace. Even though the mind wishes and wills it doesn’t mean it’s wants are in cadence of how things are. Definition of aloha: hello, I love you, I’m sorry, goodbye... think of aloha as the ying and yang. Dark and light and the “love” the line of divinity in the middle. Aloha reminds us to act in love. But love isn’t just the hellos being mastered for true love is the letting go. The goodbyes. The ego gets in the way for our wants and wishes or fears of separation or significance to rareness hinders our belief that saying goodbye is any which way better or as good as saying hello. But it’s untrue. You must empty the cup to refill the cup or the cup, you, is unuseful for holding things. No more space. Darkness is the absence of light. So darkness is the illusion and light is real. So what if we see only darkness? It’s because something within us tells us not to shine. Fresh batteries and a flick of the switch is all anyone needs. We all can get stuck into concepts that counter interpret our own feelings. It’s bravery to not sweat the technique and trust our hearts, or just look into a family members eyes or loved one... see how they see us... they’ll remind you of who you really are if you ever lose your way... change is grace.

By Marshal Kane

Thank you friend

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